Alagie Jasseh launches a new online radio for Gambians in the diaspora

Written by Gainde

Alagie Jasseh

A Gambian immigrant in the USA, Alagie Jasseh has recently launched an online radio called Radio Askanbi.

In an interview with What’s On-Gambia, he said: “What inspired me to come up with an online radio is the fact that there is hardly any online radio that's not politically charged. I figured folks would love to be able to listen to music or a talk show without the politics that seems to divide us apart.”

Jasseh continued: “We want our artists, culture and talent to be known all over the world, so we urge all to join us in putting Gambia in the limelight.”

Alagie Jasseh, who is now a businessman, moved to the USA in 2002 to further his education. He was very active in the Gambian music scene.

Radio Askanbi has already featured artists like Mo Hawk and Diha. According to Jasseh, his radio is out to give a platform to Gambian artists and encouraging them to showcase their work.

He added: “Beside music, we have religious shows to debut, open line shows and live interviews.”

Visit www.radioaskanbi.comto listen to Radio Askanbi.