Gee: Efe Omo Igori is a lazy producer!

Written by Saja


Gee has said that Gambian-based Nigerian producer, Efe Omo Igori is lazy and not the right person to contact for a ‘proper’ music video.

The controversial rapper made this surprising revelation during his last weekend appearance on the Wahsahalat show on Capital FM.

“Efe is lazy….he keeps repeating the same scenes in his clips,” said Gee.

The Nigerian producer is well known in the Gambian music video business. He created music videos for Manding Morry, T Smallz, Vypa and many other famous local musicians.

According to Gee, Efe also produced and directed his Bul Falleh Nyee video.

“He is always reluctant to listen to people’s ideas and what they want on their videos,” he said.

This is not the first time Efe is subjected to public criticism. He is often accused of being arrogant and looking down on Gambians.

“He sees himself as being super intelligent and higher than everybody else,” said a source close to the Nigerian producer.

The source added that Efe is the most divisive character in the Gambian entertainment industry. According to him, he manipulates and pits people against each other.