What is Mighty Joe thinking? Ex-girlfriend plans to spend holiday with Danny Constant

Written by F Mbaye

Mighty and Danny

A few months ago, he gave her a special gift: A love song called Bul D Joy, one of the singles from his latest album, Re-Play.

Mighty Joe is now in pain after Agie Mariam Jagne surprisingly abandoned him for radio presenter, Danny Constant.

The Stockholm-based girl is arriving in the country soon. She did not seem to be wasting any time enjoying her new relationship.

A source told What’s On-Gambia: “Agie is madly in love with Danny. I don’t know of now, but few weeks ago she had his photo on her WhatsApp.”

Mighty Joe’s ex-girlfriend is getting very serious with her new beau. The pair starting dating less than three months ago, but they have already started discussing about planning a future together. 

And the famous singer is not happy. He is said to be disappointed and upset with his former flame.

Our source said: “He will be very upset to see them together. Mighty knows that if they accidently met in the same place, it will be beyond awkward for all of them.”

Agie Mariam told What’s On-Gambia that she ended her relationship with Mighty Joe after both of them realized it was not working. She wished him all the best in the future.