Meet The Gambia’s youngest and hottest National Assembly Member

Meet The Gambia’s youngest and hottest National Assembly Member

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She was recently nominated to represent The Gambia at the Ecowas Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria. Habsana Jallow is unquestionably the hottest female politician in the National Assembly.

A virtually unknown girl in the political arena, Habsana was selected by the APRC leadership to contest the Nianija seat in the 2012 National Assembly Elections. She scored an overwhelming victory, defeating opposition NRP’s Lamin Cham.

Yet, her age and sex did cause a stir in her constituency. She was only 24, and the only female candidate in the Central River Region.

Habsana entered the National Assembly at a time when Nianija was seriously plagued by a political dispute between the district chief, Alasana David Cham and APRC constituency chairman, Faraba Jallow.

According to our source, peace has now returned to her constituency, thanks to Governor Omar Khan’s intervention.

Like her female colleagues in politics, the Nianija beauty is battling to convince conservative Gambians that women’s participation in political leadership positions is vital for the country’s development.

Habsana once said in an interview with Gambia Affairs: “We are still struggling, but we are on the way to success. We are on the process to achieving our goals. Women are empowered in this country. Look at the Vice President Dr. Isatou Njie-Saidy, she is the longest serving Vice President in the whole world.”

She added: “I feel very proud to be in parliament and a youth for that matter.”

Habsana recently got married in a colorful ceremony…



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