Suebreeze’s ‘messy past’ follows her to romance grave as Alieu Darboe calls off engagement


Suebreeze’s ‘messy past’ follows her to romance grave as Alieu Darboe calls off engagement

All of her dreams were in the right place. She was preparing for that impending moment when he would take her hand in his and swore to be with her in darkness and in light.

Suebreeze was an artist manager, now a protocol at State House, and her fiance Alieu Darboe, is a Gambian international footballer worth millions of Dalasi.     

But when the D-day drew closer, Alieu drifted away. Suebreeze was left devastated. Alieu said he can’t pursue further with their marriage plans; he needs someone more fresh than a girl with a messy past. 

According to a source, Alieu brought their wedding plans to end after learning that Suebreeze has a past filled to the brim with messy relationships.

But the former artist manager seems determined to not go down alone. She believed that radio presenter, Ebrima Campo Jatta is to blame. Her relationship with Alieu reportedly began its death spiral after Campo advised the footballer to stay away from her.

So, after a failed attempt to persuade the footballer, Suebreeze allegedly sent two NIA officers to arrest Campo and punish him for ruining her engagement.

“Campo was arrested and questioned,” our source said. “But I doubt if the top NIA officers were aware of what happened. It is totally wrong to use the NIA to settle personal scores.”

The couple met earlier this year and started dating, before getting engaged. Suebreeze was also linked to one of the sons of the late businessman and district chief, Alhagie Tabora Manneh. 



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