Barrow confirms first wife will be country’s First Lady

Written by F Mbaye

President Adama Barrow has finally decided to name his first wife, Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow as the country’s new First Lady.

“The first wife is the First Lady. Number one comes before number two,” he said during an exclusive interview with Senegalese TV, TFM.

He added that the second wife, Sarjo Barrow will also be moving into the State House and they would find a responsibility for her to play in his new administration.

Barrow reminded TV viewers that he is not the first polygamist to lead the country.

“We once had a president who had two wives. He had a First Lady who was Lady Chilel and Njaimeh was the second lady and they both played a role in his government.”

Is Fatoumatta competent enough for the role of a First Lady? This is the question on the lips of so many. According to reports reaching What’s On-Gambia, she was mainly a housewife who was rarely active in community initiatives.