Pa Modou Bojang prepares to launch Home Digital FM

Pa Modou Bojang prepares to launch Home Digital FM

One of The Gambia’s most famous journalists, Pa Modou Bojang is preparing to launch his own radio station, Home Digital FM.

In a live Facebook video last week, Pa Modou introduced what the radio would be about – to defend the government and combat negative social media narratives.

Explaining why he returned to the country after many years in the UK, he said: “We have a duty to build this nation. Nobody would come to build this nation for us. This is the reason why I came.”

According to the outspoken journalist, Home Digital FM, which is located in his hometown of Brikama, would also provide jobs for young people.

It’s not clear when exactly Pa Modou got his broadcast license, but his fans and supporters of the Coalition government are happy that the radio is going to take a strongly pro-government line.

Programming is still being finalised but is likely to be dominated by local news and information, with lots of talk and discussions. It will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 99.9FM.

Pa Modou is not a stranger in the Gambian broadcast industry.  He was a radio manager and talk show host for many years before moving to the UK.



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