Anger over BAFROW charging more than D50, 000 for labour and delivery service

Anger over BAFROW charging more than D50, 000 for labour and delivery service

BAFROW Medical Centre has been accused of cashing in on expectant mothers with charges of over D50, 000 for labour and delivery service.

A young mother, Hadija Jallow, told What’s On-Gambia the famous medical centre is taking advantage of pregnant women.

“I was at the Serre Kunda Market and all of a sudden I felt a strange pain in my stomach. I quickly checked into BAFROW because it was the closest health centre. They said I was in labour and I was admitted for D5000. I spent the night in their clinic and the next day they recommended a C-section and for that they requested D25, 000,” she said.

Hadija continued: “After delivery, they said my baby needed urgent medical care. I was charged D5000 for a 24-hour life support care. But later, this amount was increased for reasons that I still don’t know.  I tried to complain but they refused to listen.

“I later got into a scuffle with them and the police was called.  My question is why would they request for more than D50, 000 for a C-section?”

Recalling her horrible ordeal, Hadija said her older child was not allowed to enter the ward, where she was admitted.

BAFROW Medical Centre is a non-profit, self-sustained clinical institution that supports national response in reducing mortality and morbidity.  They claim to be one of the largest private non-profit medical establishments in The Gambia.



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