Book on life and career of Bun Jeng set to be launched

A book on the life and career of the late Islamic scholar, Oustass Omar Bun Jeng is set to hit the bookstores in the Greater Banjul Area.

According to reports reaching What's On-Gambia, the book, The Life of Sheikh Bun Jeng 1946-1995, will be launched on the 22nd September.

The author, Abu Abdoullah Umar Ceesay, hopes Bun Jeng's story will inspire Gambians, as well as Muslims in other parts of the Islamic world.

The Life of Sheikh Bun Jeng 1946-1995chronicles the late scholar's life from his youthful days in Senegal, where he learned to memorise the Quran, to his years as an outstass balancing the demands of parenthood and work.

“The book is an authentic narration of the life of Sheikh Omar Bun Jeng," said the organisers of the launching ceremony.

The launching ceremony will take place in the conference room of the Supreme Islamic Council along the MDI Road.