OPINION: Marina International, other private schools in Gambia are rip offs

OPINION: Marina International, other private schools in Gambia are rip offs

Let’s face it people, sending your kids and families to expensive private schools like Marina International, WAIS, SBEC among others is nothing but a huge financial rip off with no correlation to their future success in academia or careers much later in life.

Most Gambian private elite schools are nothing but breeding grounds to nurture an exclusive community of kids with oversized egos, little social skills that sneer and look down on their compatriots in society who do not have the financial means to pay their way through an expensive scam system.

Any kid that is able to get into Marina or WAIS with good grades can easily just go to Nusrat, St. Augustine and Gambia Senior to get an equivalent education.

For the most part, success of kids is mostly a matter of their persistence, determination, resilience and thirst to learn. Children with determination to learn will almost always excel in academia regardless whether they went to a super expensive private school or cheaper public schools like Saints, Gambia Senior and Nusrat.

In a bid to show you how sending your kids to expensive private schools has no correlation with their future academic and career successes; look at all the top kids and ministers running The Gambia. All the top Gambian professionals and ministers are products of public schools and University of The Gambia.

A few to name are former secretary general Momodou Sabally, Nfally Fadera, Musu Bakoto Sawo, Sarjo Brito, Omar Jabang, Ebrima Sonko and the list goes on.

Be wise parents

What a strange phenomenon that despite all the privileged upbringing, expensive school fees, international curriculum, and examination, the graduates of these schools have nothing to show for their beautiful education as far as career and personal achievement is concerned much later in life. Think and think people. Private education that costs a hand and limb is not worth it.



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