Gee goes nuts on political activists in the Diaspora…and Erykah Badu’s manager writes to What’s On-Gambia

Written by Lamin Saidy


“Fight your politics with whatever, but not our music industry,” this was Gee’s response to online calls on world famous singer, Erykah Badu to boycott The Gambia.

Political activists in the Diaspora are wasting little time to convince international artists to cancel their plans to perform at the Independence Stadium, this weekend, as part of activities marking the 11th edition of the International Roots Festival.

A post on Facebook claimed a letter was sent to Erykah Badu to inform her of the current ‘political situation’ in the country.

“Going through my tweets and this BS about Erykah Badu not to come to Gambia is pissing me off. Only people saying issh are either on exile or did something here and can’t come back,” said Gee.

The country’s numero uno rapper added: “People like me been waiting my whole life time for this, to actually watch Erykah Badu perform live because I’ve been a fan forever. Plus, it’s her work freaking respect that!”


Erykah Badu, who received multiple, prestigious awards, is aware of the online campaign to stop her from coming to The Gambia.

In a very short e-mail sent to What’s On-Gambia, her manager, Paul J. Levanto disclosed that the high profile artist is not performing at the stadium. It seems they’re yet to seal a deal with the Roots Festival organizers.

The International Roots Festival concert is taking place this Saturday, and some of the international artists expected to perform include the popular reggae singer, Sizzla and dub poet/revolutionary, Mutabaruka.