No more sex outside marriage: Condom prices increase to D2, 000 a pack!

Written by Demba Bah


The Ministry of Sexual Affairs announced on Monday, 9th March that, from the 1st April, the price of condoms will increase.  A pack of ten condoms will be D2, 000 at all pharmacies in the country.

It looks like many young people are troubled by the announcement. Speaking to What’s On-Gambia, rapper Bai Babu said he might consider getting married as soon as possible to avoid impregnating dozens of young girls.

The increase, according to the ministry, is part of measures introduced by the government to encourage responsible sexual behavior among young people.

Minister Ajaaratou Jatou Mbowe told journalists in her office: “Many young people are sexually active because they can easily walk into any pharmacy and buy condoms. The price increase is very necessary.”

Dr. Jobe of the Kumba Jagne Clinic in Sukuta is against the price increase. She said: “Why should people struggle to get hold of contraceptives? They cannot stop youngsters from having sex outside marriage.”

What’s On-Gambiavisited five pharmacies in the Greater Banjul Area and found that they all have fewer condoms on their shelves.

“Majority of Gambians are Muslims, so the price of condoms shouldn’t really matter. Islam forbids us from having sex outside marriage,” said the Imam of Essau, North Bank Region.

Just get married, best contraceptive ever!